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The Benefits Of Using Coupons

Posted by on Nov 29, 2014 in Coupon Books | 0 comments

With the economy not doing so well these days, you will probably find that more and more people are learning how to start pinching their pennies and have become more price conscious then ever. Customers want to feel good where they shop and earning rewards like coupons makes them feel special. That is why it is important for companies to keep producing coupons for their clients. This is good for all businesses because it shows the customer that you understand, care, and value their business.


Coupons can either make a sale or break a sale. It depends on the deciding factors but 57 percent who used a coupon code during their last online purchase or purchases have admitted to the fact that if they had not had received any type of discount, then they would have made no purchase at all.


It’s very true that customers who use a coupon or coupons are more than likely to spend almost twice as much as the customers that do not have any coupons. When people feel like they are saving a good amount of money on a product it encourages them to spend more on items that they may not need a coupon for.


It’s absolutely true! Coupons can really help to increase a customer’s satisfaction. For retailers, they are a pretty effective way to show their customers they care and appreciate their business. Ninety-two percent of the people who used coupons were very happy and satisfied with their shopping experience (as opposed to the customers that did not have a coupon to use).


Now this is one of the most important ways coupons can really help a business. Businesses strive for customer loyalty and 91 percent of consumers that used a coupon said they were much more likely to come back and purchase from the store again.


Many times when a person uses a coupon, it is for something they have never tried before. Having a coupon allows customers to buy new things that they are unsure of or just didn’t feel like splurging on.


A shopper that has been savvy with her coupons will leave a store feeling really good and with a great sense of accomplishment after making that big score on all the goodies that they and their family will get to enjoy.